About Us

Being overweight and obese in our mid 20’s was not where we wanted to be, but unfortunately that is exactly where we found ourselves. Finding ourselves in this position, we tried many times to make a permanent change. With each failed attempt to remain consistent, we allowed more time to creep by, unaware of our lingering health problems. That procrastination eventually came at a price. We did not recognize that while eating and enjoying time together, we unknowingly adopted a lifestyle of poor eating habits and a bad relationship with food.

These habits forced us to suffer through sleep apnea on a nightly basis.. Which caused groggy mornings... which were shortly followed by a negative mood… Daily back pain stemming from a combination of heavy stomachs/breast and weak core muscles... A complete lack of energy throughout the day that caused us to repeat the same destructive cycle of eating at night. Once we began to throw the daily stress of work and relationships into the mix, we found ourselves at our absolute heaviest weights of 473lbs and 205lbs. We allowed ourselves to become so consumed with everything around us that we didn't make self awareness a priority. We weren't conscious or aware of what we were putting into our bodies, and what it was doing to our health.

After a diagnosis of PCOS for Camille and pre-diabetic for Marlon, we knew that it was time to make a change. We didn't want to stop enjoying life altogether, but we knew that something had to change. Many other times we attempted to mold ourselves to fit a diet, plan, or program. We would empty our entire fridge and fill it with “healthy” foods and hold ourselves to strict diets and restrictions…. It never worked.

This time around, we decided to, instead, make a plan that would help us create a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

With consistent progression towards healthier options, and the inclusion of exercise, we have been able to lose over 230lbs combined, together.