4 Tips To Help You Lose Weight With Your Partner

Losing weight with a partner can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. As we know, it will always be easier to begin a journey or to achieve a goal when you have the support of others.

Losing weight is no different.

Having the support of your Friend, Partner, Wife, or Husband can provide the motivation, confidante, advisor and accountability partner that you need.


If you or your partner are like most people…. it’s actually the total opposite. You both tend to create an environment of the triple F’s: Fun, Food, & Fat phrased as: “fun, focused around food, which leads to just a little extra….fat”.

While it is ALWAYS fun to choose the latter, it is much more REWARDING lose the weight and create good habits together. We’ve lost over 200lbs together during our weight loss journey!

Here are 4 tips we used while losing weight together.


Losing Weight On Agreeable Timelines

It’s really difficult to start an effective weight loss together if your goals aren’t somewhat similar. It will be tough to chase a goal together if your goal is based for one year, while your partner’s goals are based for one month. One is a lifestyle change, while the other is a short term goal.

Both parties need to assure that their goals are reasonable and considerate of their partners goal. Work on choosing goals together, as opposed to choosing them individually, and attempting to mesh them together.


Create Goals Outside of Losing Weight

While the main goal is to, obviously, lose weight, it should not be the only focus. Creating goals outside of just losing weight, will allow you both to focus on something outside of the scale.

Creating goals such as losing a particular amount of inches, completing a certain type of physical activity each day, or simply eating a certain amount of healthy meals in a week. Each of these will march you towards your combined goal of weight loss.


Make Losing Weight Fun for Both of You!

in most situations, one partner will likely be a bit more athletic or in shape than the other. This is common and can actually be a major reason why some teams can’t quite make weight loss work together.

While separate workouts is “ok”, it’s not ideal when losing weight together. Instead, use this as an opportunity to try new and different forms of physical activity that will challenge you both. It works best when you both can be “beginners” together. This makes it fun because you can both learn together. Try things like YOGA, Jump roping, or online challenges together.


Challenge Each Other

This is one of the best parts of losing weight with your partner. Challenging and pushing each other to eat better on occasion or to hit a certain caloric goal during a workout is great to really push toward your goals.

Challenging each other during your workouts will not only push you closer to your overall goals of weight loss, but it will also push both parties to enjoy being active. Once working out becomes more like a competition between your partner and yourself, you’re really on the way to success!



Losing weight with your partner can be a fun and exciting process that is very rewarding for you both. It all begins with creating goals and having fun together. Focusing on enjoying the weight loss journey rather than the weight loss itself will keep you both motivated and on track.

Try these tips to set some goals together and get up and get out with your partner today!