Camille & Marlon, A professionally certified duo with a driving passion for helping others find success with natural health, wellness, and weight loss ignited by our 260lbs weight loss journey
After losing over 260lbs together and experiencing our own personal battle with food, weight loss, and medical issues, we have dedicated ourselves to changing the perception of health, fitness, and weight loss and restructuring the way our community looks at food. Our goal is to show others that good health and wellness IS attainable with the right approach
After reaching our heaviest weights of 205 (Camille) and 475 (Marlon) plus being diagnosed with PCOS (Camille) and diabetes (Marlon) in our late 20’s, we knew it was time for a real change to save our health. We tried and failed with multiple diets and conventional approaches and eventually opted to design a personalized plan centered around true sustainability and balance. This transformative journey allowed us to lose over 260lbs together, inspired us to expand our knowledge through our certifications, and compelled us share our acquired wisdom with others, guiding them toward their goals and better health. This decision has allowed us to affect and change not only our lives, but the lives of thousands others!
Our path to successful weight loss for our GetFit fam revolves around cultivating lasting habits and prioritizing overall health for a lifetime. By shifting our perspective from "losing weight" to “getting healthy”, we are able to help our clients forge the habits necessary to lose weight, keep it off, and change their health for good
When you join the GetFit fam, you wont JUST lose weight, you will also gain the tools, support, and resources that you need to truly take control of your health and prove that you can accomplish anything