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Tired of unhealthy snacking habits and unwanted weight gain? It's time to change your snacks with the Snack Better Recipe book! 
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What's Inside:
  • 30 Full Snack Recipes including "Fried", Sweet, and Savory options created by me, YOUR certified Nutrition Coach!
  • Definition and understanding of what macronutrients are, and their importance in our everyday diets
  • Total Calories and Macronutrient breakdown for EVERY recipe
  • How to administer appropriate portion control at home and when eating out
  • And more!!

Why this Book is for You:

Save Time and See Results
Designed for those with a busy lifestyle, these recipes are perfect for "quick snack" moments. Curated to provide simplicity and irresistible flavors, these recipes were also created with a time conscious mindset and made to ensure that you can whip up something delicious... and health-conscious... in no time!
Let Go of Mindless Snacking But Keep The Flavors You Love
Nothing beats a delicious snack! But it's hard to find a good snack that's good to your body. Snack Better was designed to address exactly that! Packed with nutritious, portion-controlled snack options made to match our snack food favorites flavors whether it's Fried, Crunchy, Sweet, Savory, Chocolatey, or Chewy, we've got you covered... in a healthy and nutritious way!
Conquer your Cravings and Quit Bad Snacking
Mindlessly snacking on chips, candy, and other junk food adds on the pounds, but never gives you a feeling of fullness. We understand the challenge of resisting some of those addictive, less healthy, snack options, but Snack Better is here to help you conquer those cravings for good. Our range of nutritious and satisfying snacks are designed to help you prevail over these temptations and stay on track with your goals!

Grab your copy now!!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tanisha Scott
Amazing Customer Service

I ordered the snack book and never received it. I contacted the company yesterday and they make it right immediately. I will be purchasing more in the future.

Susan Tyson Smith
Excellent. God sent cookbooks

We ordered both of your books Eat Better and Snack Better
My family and I are enjoying the recipes. My daughter and husband are diabetic so the healthier recipes are God sent. We've prepared the Healthy Air Fried Popcorn Chicken,
Healthier Banana Nut Bread, Thai Chicken Air-Fried Egg Rolls and Pineapple Peach Smoothie. We're grabbing your cookbooks for our daily meals. Keep sharing your testimony and lessons learned to help others
It has encouraged us towards a healthier lifestyle. Iron sharpens Iron. Proverbs 27:17

Smith Family

Trice Walker
Healthy and Taste Good

I already had the Cook book and love it… now the snack recipe book has just made it all complete. Love them both!!!

Jason Ellington
Tried & true

Great guide to give you the start you need or the extra boost of confidence when things get rough.

Lauren Grove
Snack better

I love ALL ur cookbooks the recipe are on point!!

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