Challenge FAQ's

1. Can I do this challenge at home??

Yes! Here is the minimum equipment needed to get started at the gym OR at home:

  • 1 pair of light dumbbells (2lbs - 15lbs); **based on your current strength level
  • 1 pair of heavier dumbbells (15lbs - 30lbs); **based on your current strength level
  • Yoga mat (Optional; For comfort)
  • Workout bench (Optional; Can easily use couch or floor as well)


2. Is this challenge beginner friendly?

Yes! This challenge is perfect for beginners! We wanted to make sure that this challenge was approachable for EVERYONE, regardless of your current fitness level! As always, we've added modifications to fit those that may have some minor joint issues, plus, variations to sets and reps to fit those that may be a bit stronger, OR for those that might need a bit more help. If you want to change your habits and get going down the right path, this challenge is for you!


3. I have an injury, can I still do this challenge?

Yes!! (with contingencies! Always check with your doctor before starting any workout plan or program)

We have created and added movement modifications and variations to ensure that this challenge is suitable for all fitness levels... including those with a few aches and pains! Bad knee? Ankle? Hip? We got you!! Marlon has an injured knee himself, so if he can you can too!! While completing the modified moves, be sure to use proper form and always listen to your body and it's queues.


4. How does this challenge work?

This challenge will last 6 weeks and includes all workouts, recipes, and habits needed to help you truly make a change in your life. Throughout the challenge, you and all other challenger's will be given tasks, goals, and workouts to complete. At the end of the challenge, the individuals that have been the most consistent with their habits will win!! Unlike most challenges that are solely based on the body transformation that is made, we want this challenge to be inclusive of EVERYONE and focus more so on those that can build the habits that will last much longer than this 6-week period. If we have a tie, the transformation that is most apparent will be the tie breaker for those finalists. We want lasting changes... not quick fixes!! If you remain consistent, you'll likely have the biggest transformation so it's a WIN WIN!!


5. What are the prizes and how do I win?

Our top prizes consist of:

  • 1st Place: $300 cash
  • 2nd Place: One Month Free Online Training
  • 3rd Place: Beginners Weight Loss Bundle

Winners will be chosen based on their consistency and number of completed assigned tasks and habits (read question #3). This will help everyone focus on forming lasting habits while actively changing their bodies. If we have a tie, the most apparent transformation will break the tie. We're here to help make lasting changes!


6. I've made my purchase and I'm Excited!! What do I do next??

Once you've made your purchase, you will receive a Welcome Email within 24 hours! This welcome email will contain the link to our fitness app.

Everything is in the app!! All Workouts, Coached check-ins, Community Chat, all 75+ recipes, Goal setting convos, and habit changing tasks will be found there!

You will have access to download the app immediately after purchasing. We will begin adding initial tasks to each challenger’s profile and posting challenge rules and updates in the community chat on Saturday May 13th. This will be done 2 days before the challenge officially begins on May 15th. We have done this to give everyone time to ask questions and ensure that all app features are working correctly. The first week of workouts will be available to view on May 13th as well. This is also done to assure that you can plan your workouts accordingly to fit your normal weekly life.

If you did not receive the Welcome Email, please be sure to contact us with your order number before May 13th so we can make sure that you have everything that you need!


7. Can I do my workouts at different times?? My schedule is a little busy...


This challenge is setup to allow you to complete all tasks, workouts, and goals when it best fits your schedule. It doesn't matter WHEN you get it done... as long as you get it done!! Consistency doesn't have a bedtime!


8. When does the challenge start?

The official start date is Monday, May 15th. The first initial challenge tasks will be available in the app on Saturday, May 13th.


9. I'm having issues with the app, what should I do?

If you've purchased your challenge spot and have downloaded the app and are experiencing issues, contact us via email with your order number. a screenshot of your issue, and a short description of what your issue is. Once received, we will let you know what we will need to do in order to get you up and rolling!


10. I got the app downloaded, but I can't quite figure it out. Can you help?

Yup! We decided to partner with one of the most simplistic and customer focused fitness apps to make things as simple and seamless as possible!

We're always thinking about y'all and what would make things easy! So below we have included a few tutorials on how to use some of the key features in the app and get the most out of this challenge!

App Walkthrough

Using the Today Screen

Integrate myFitness Pal app